We are making "Jericho Jive" a pilot episode. 
Jericho Jive is a slack rocker space messenger that gets caught up with Big Delivery, and sent on one of the slimiest assignments in cargo history. At the same time it's Jerichos birthday, and she desperately needs to avoid time dilation and get back to her boyfriend. This combination leads to a lot of WhisQuila, cultist runins, insane warlords, improper use of slug carcasses, lots of rocknroll and a little genocide. Your average birthday party. 

In the layers underneath the main story we are exploring the gig economy, checking intestinal brain capacity and megalomania, kicking upwards, going into the black fishmarket, and vibrating through time and space.

My team is a dedicated bunch, but they should not work for free and thats why I'm turning to Patreon. I will post some progress pictures and clips up for you guys, and if you are able to, support the great people that I work with and the project.

WIP: Testanimation for the meeting between Jericho and Gazz.

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